Product Guidance

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use UniAgency to apply an ads account and recharge the account.

1、Sign up

When you visit UniAgency for the first time, you should register an account.

2、Log in

When you have already registered an account, you can input your phone number and password to start enjoying our product service

3、Apply Account

We support you to apply Google Ads account.

There are two entrances you can access to apply account.

Notice: When you apply account for the first time, you should fill some info to verify your company.(finish 3 steps)


When you firstly visit our product or haven't applied any media account successfully , we recommend you to click APPLY ACCOUNT (shown below)


Please follow 3 steps

step1 : Account Management

step2: Account Application

step3: Apply Account

Now, you need to provide us compulsory information for account application.

Congratulations !! You have successfully submitted account application. Next you will need to make payment to our HSBC Hong Kong account ( You can ask your business manager for the exact amount )and upload transfer voucher.

4、Transfer Voucher Uploading

Please follow these steps.

After uploading transfer voucher, our finance will review it. Once we confirm that the amount transferred is the same as the amount we actually received, we will add the same amount to your UniAgency account balance, which can be used for advertising account recharge

5、Recharge account

When you obtain an advertising account,you can use your balance to top up your advertising account.

After completing advertising account recharge, you can login in the Google Ads platform to place ads.

Study our help center further and reach out to us if you need any help ;)

Google广告政策 Google Ads Policy

Google广告帐号违规 Advertising Account Violation Guidelines

If you face any difficulties using our product, please contact our support team in Intercom chat or the business manager. We will give you a hand.